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Unisource Equipment Warranty Information

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Limited Warranty/ Return Policy

Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. (also referred to as, "Distributor" and "Importer") warrants parts of its manufacture and assembly of equipment to be free from defects in workmanship and material, which would result in product failure under normal use and service. Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc.'s entire liability under this Warranty is limited to either repairing or replacing at its factory or; on user's premises, at Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc.'s option, any equipment or parts thereof, which shall be determined by the Manufacturer to be defective. If necessary to return parts to the factory they must be shipped transportation charges prepaid. This shall be purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy.

Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. is constantly engaged in a program of improving our products. Therefore, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice. Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. reserves the right to make changes in design; or add any improvement, at any time without incurring any obligations to install, the same, on equipment previously sold.

Unisource Food Equipment neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of the Manufacturer's products or parts thereof.

Possession, use/or operation of equipment, or parts sold hereunder for any other than their designed purpose, or use of equipment which is in poor repair, modified, improperly operated, or neglected is done at the owners risk. Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. hereby disclaims any liability for these actions and shall not be liable for defects in or for any damages or loss to the property sold which is attributable to such actions.

Under no circumstances shall Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or from the use of its product by buyer, it assignees, employees, agents or customers.

Warranty Period
This limited warranty covers parts imported and distributed by Unisource Food Equipment and assembly of equipment by the same and shall extend for a period of one-year parts and one-year labor from date of shipment and to the original owner only.

All deposits received for equipment orders and balance not received in 120 days to complete order Will not be returnable.

Limited Warranty
With respect to parts not imported or distributed by Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc., warranty coverage shall be limited to the original part manufacturer's warranty, or the Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. Limited Warranty, whichever is the lesser coverage period. In no case will the warranty be in excess of 12 months after date of shipment of the equipment. Replacement parts provided under the terms of this warranty are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period applicable to the product.

Late Payments
Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. reserves the right to suspend any service calls or parts due to late payment over 60 days until payment is paid in full.

This warranty excludes from its coverage and does not apply to: (a) solenoid, relay coils, gear greasing, and burner cleaning; (b) lamps; (c) "O" rings; (d) belts; and (e) impellers. These items are excluded because (1) failure is usually due to causes beyond our control; (2) it is not practical to accurately determine the failure cause; and (3) the normal life of the parts is shorter than our warranty period. This warranty also excludes the cost of labor for removing and replacing defective parts, other than the labor incurred directly by the Manufacturer when, in Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. ‘s opinion, a company repair on the item is justified.

The customer is responsible for maintaining the oven burner by using a Unisource authorized service company 4 times a year. This REQUIRED maintenance prevents any gas backfires in oven and clean safety combustion of gas. Failure to maintain burner can result in damaging the heat exchanger and causing gas fumes, back firing and damage to oven frame. Not keeping records of this on a yearly basis voids all warranty and all liability with Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. Maintenance is the responsibility of the customer at the customer's expense.

The Use of Alcohol Flavor
The use of any alcohol flavor in Unisource Equipment without written consent is prohibited and may cause property damage and injury. This will void all warranties and liability.

Baking, Dairy and Meat Products
Baking eggs, meat, and fish in our oven must be tested with a thermometer for core temperature to ensure it is safe for consumption. All ovens contain hot spots in the baking chamber and additional baking time may be needed for safety.

Loss of Bakery Product
Unisource is not responsible for any loss of goods baked in our oven due to calibration, operator error, or malfunction of oven.

Warranty Claims
Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. takes pride in delivering problem-free equipment that gives years of service to owners and operators. In case of problems with your equipment, please follow the instructions below.

Report problems to your Distributor, Dealer, or other party from whom you purchased the equipment. They will notify Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc. for you. Only Unisource Food Equipment Customer Service can approve or authorize warranty claims.

Please state the following:

  1. Your name, company name, and telephone number
  2. The location, phone number, and contact name where the equipment is installed
  3. The invoice number and date of purchase of the equipment
  4. The Model and Serial Number of the equipment, as written on the data tag attached to the machine.
  5. A description of the problem and how it occurred

Shipping Damage and Missing Items
Damage to the packaging or crate: On delivery, check all packages thoroughly for any sign of damage. In cases of visible damage, always note the damage on the Delivery Receipt. Failure to note damage is taken by the Freight Carrier to mean that the package is in good condition at time of receipt, and can result in denial of a Freight Claim. Take photographs that clearly show the damage.

Damage to equipment
If you find any damaged equipment inside the shipment, photograph the damage both inside and outside of the package. Do not throw the packaging away. Photos of the package and contents are needed to show the condition of the equipment at the time it was received.

Missing Items
As soon as you believe any items to be missing from a shipment, report this to the Distributor or Dealer from whom the equipment was purchased. If possible, photograph the entire contents of the delivery and email this to your Distributor or Dealer or to Unisource Food Equipment Customer Service.

Returning Parts and Equipment to Unisource Food Equipment Systems Inc.
Under the terms of the warranty, you may be asked to return defective parts to Unisource Food Equipment. These should be clearly labeled with a Return Goods Authorization Number ("RGA Number") given to you by your distributor, or by Unisource Food Equipment Customer Service. Parts received without an RGA Number will not be processed. All parts should be shipped freight prepaid by the customer to Unisource Food Equipment at the address below. There is a 40% restocking charge for any order cancelled or returned. Orders or deposits after 30 days cannot be returned for a refund.

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