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Unisource Equipment Leasing Program

Benefits of Financing or Leasing Bakery Equipment

Some business owners in the bakery field tend to feel compelled to pay cash for everything - bakery equipment included. But smart business owners know that using up hard-earned business capital to facilitate equipment purchasing can place a business in a dangerous spot. Bakery equipment leasing or financing can help business owners just like you to acquire new or pre-owned bakery equipment, without the dangers of using up cash that might be needed to pay for recurring expenses, last-minute surprise repairs, or other immediate needs. In fact, using a bakery equipment leasing program provides a wide range of benefits.
  Leasing Benefits...
  • Allows you to keep enough cashflow to cover payroll, utilities expenses, monthly rent and other accumulating bills.
  • Significant tax benefits - By leasing bakery equipment, you may receive tax benefits that can minimize the amount you owe the government each year. Consult with your tax advisor for specifics on the variety of programs that are available today - You will quickly see how a business equipment lease can help your bottom line.
  • Create a better budget - Integrate affordable monthly payments into your company's operating budget inastead through much larger, one-time expenses.
  • Afford Unisource's latest and greatest equipment! - Leasing Unisource bakery equipment provides much lower payments than a standard purchase, permitting you to afford more machinery.
Unisource Leasing Program
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